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ServerWe provide advice on the purchase or upgrade of existing servers. Since we are not tied to particular vendors we can offer unbiased advice on solutions that meet the best needs of your business, not the sales goals of a eager salesman.

Servers really have reached commodity status in this day and age. What is more important is designing the specifications for a server for your business. This can range from very small servers that act as a repository of files for users on the network; to a complex virtualized server with massive storage requirements.

Server prices have dropped to the point that a powerful server can easily be virtualized to put the equivalent of two servers on one server box. Virtualized servers are completely separate from each other and provide a method of reducing cost and increasing efficiency within your networks. We support both Hyper-V and VMware virtualization technologies.

Note that support for Windows 2003 server ends in 2015. Just as Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows XP; it’s time to start planning for the replacement of existing Windows 2003 servers. Both Windows 2008 and 2012 server are available and are robust and reliable replacements for the aging Windows 2003 server platform.

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