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Close-Up of blue-light binary code on dark background with SOD.Server and computer hard drive capacities have reached truly incredible sizes. The amount of data stored on these drives seems to increase to match the size of the drives themselves. The problem is that the amount of data some companies have accumulated makes it difficult or impossible to do a full backup in a reasonable amount of time. Having a properly functioning backup is critical to your business. Hard drives will eventually fail. If you don’t have a backup you will lose critical data.  There are multitudes of backup solutions on the market today. The trick is to find a backup solution that meets the needs of your business, is reliable, cost-effective, and should run without human intervention. Solutions are generally divided into two camps – on-site backups and off-site backups. There are a number of online providers touting the benefits of cloud backups. These generally work well with reputable providers where the amount of data needing to be backed up is modest. When the amount of data that needs to be backed up starts to exceed 500 GB, then online solutions start to become prohibitively expensive. Another often overlooked issue with online backups is how long it would take to recover the data in the event of a catastrophe. Some providers will give you ample storage space and the cloud, but they will not guarantee a download speed when you need to recover your data. This could lead to a situation where data recovery could take days or even weeks. We can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

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