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Our Services

Devine Computing offers professional I.T. services in Maryland, Delaware and the surrounding areas.  These services include (but are not limited to) the following:

Network Support
We provide network administration support. Even a simple network needs someone to ensure that updates are installed and working as designed…

We provide advice on the purchase or upgrade of existing servers. Since we are not tied to particular vendors we can offer unbiased advice on solutions that meet the best needs…

Computer Services
We provide on site and remote support for all of your computer support needs.

Solutions are generally divided into two camps – on-site backups and off-site backups. There are a number of online providers touting the benefits of cloud backups. These generally work well with reputable providers where the amount of data needing to be backed up is modest…

Virus Protection
We provide virus removal and remediation services, and can recommend and install solutions to protect your systems and networks in the future…

The Cloud
We can advise you on cloud solutions that complement your business. There are pros and cons for maintaining systems in-house or outsourcing them to a cloud provider…

Windows Operating Systems
Windows 7 and Windows server will be reaching end of life in 2020.  WIll you be ready?


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